The Early Homesteaders (before 1913)

These settlers were in the district early after the survey and shortly after the new province of Alberta openned up land to homesteading. Many came from previous settlements in eastern Canada or in the USA.

Allen Archie 1911 Chesley ON
Allen Tom 1912 Chesley ON
Archibald  1910  
Bently Merl 1912 New York USA
Blacker Eldon 1911 USA
Blacker Lewis 1912 Missouri
Blacker William 1912 Missouri
Brooks Sidney 1912 England
Clark Harry 1911 England
Clysdale TF 1910 Minnesota USA
Dahlgren Ole 1911  
Depping  1912 Provost AB
Dunham William Caleb 1910 Oklahoma USA
Ferguson CB 1911 Lyden Wash USA
Ferguson WR 1911 Kewanee, Illinois USA
French BB 1912 Stillwater Oklahoma USA
Glatt Frank 1912  
Groves Dan 1911 Oklahoma USA
Gunseter Frank 1910  
Hansen Bill 1912 Minnesota USA
Harris Slim 1912 Texas USA
Hatchard Rex 1907 USA
James Percy 1912 Australia
Jesson Hans 1911 Denmark
Keichesnger 1911  
Kruger William 1912  
McCoy  1912 Iowa USA
McCrea Alf 1908  
McCuen John 1911 Pennsylvia USA
McGee Sam 1911 BC from Yukon
McLain Samuel 1912 Stillwater Oklahoma USA
Ockerman Mr 1911 Norway via BC
Paeglow Herman 1911 Ontario then USA
Proudfoot F 1911 eastern Canada
Quayle Albert 1908  
Scott H 1912 England
Sorenson Louis 1910 Denmark
Stabenfeldt T 1912 Scandenavia
Taylor RW 1911 Lyden Wash USA
Thompson Ed 1910  
Thorsell Nells 1912 Denmark
Vincent Ed 1912 England