Clark Harry

1%20FFcovericon2_39.gifIn 1911 Harry Clark came from England and homesteaded the S.W. 34-57-5. He had left his wife and son in England and once told me that his son was about my own age. I do not know why they never came to Canada with him, but just figured that they were separated. At different times he had showed me pictures of his wife and son and spoke of letters from them, so it seemed he kept in touch with them. Ben French helped him break thirty or forty acres of land. Then he built himself a house, barn and some granaries. When World War I broke out he enlisted and went overseas. After the war he returned to his homestead and resumed his farming. Mr. Clark was a nice type of person when one got to know him well, and he was as honest as the day is long. I broke some land for him, cut his crop a few times and always found him a good fellow to do business with. His hearing was very poor so it was hard to converse with him, and his hearing aid didn't seem to help much. He planted a few fruit trees near his buildings and they produced quite well, considering the climate here. In later years he moved to Edmonton, where he passed away, probably in the late 1940's.