Families arriving after 1913 to 1919

This group of families arrived in Ferguson Flats as some early settlers, especially some bachelors were moving on. WW I was starting shortly and it effected who came and how long they stayed.

Name Arrival Where From
Bacon Charlie 1918 Minesota USA
Dahlgren Charley 1918 Washington USA
Eyes Bert 1919  
Forbes Ken 1914 Washington USA
Gallagher Roy 1918 Killiam AB
Ganton Jim 1915 Washington USA
Hammond Harry 1919 Hull, England
Hildebrand John 1913 Germany
Martin Charlie 1919  
Martin Joe Sr 1914 Lisco, Nebraska USA
Martin RK 1917 Lindbergh AB
Nelson Chris 1915 Denmark
Salmon John H 1915 Washington USA
Size Tom 1916  
Sloan Jim 1912 Missouri USA
Sloan John 1914 Missouri USA
Warne Fredrick Montigue 1915 Hastings, England
Wilcox Henry 1913 Hulett, Wyoming USA
Wilson White 1919  
Wise Arthur 1919 Hull, England