Blacker Lewis

1%20FFcovericon2_36.gifHe came to the district as a young bachelor from Missouri in 1912. His homestead was the N.W. 24-57-5, where Johnnie Hillebrand lives today. The shack that Archibald had built on this quarter was still standing and Lewis lived in it for a while. Then he built a small shack of his own on the corner. At this time there was no school in the district and Mr. Ferguson and Sam McGee were anxious to have their school-age children get some schooling. They hired Lewis to teach their children and paid him from their own resources. The building that was used as a schoolhouse was on the corner of S.W. 2-58-5. It was later moved across the road and became part of the Ferguson store. The pupils were the Ferguson, McGee and Groves children, and Louie Gamier. Lewis broke only a few acres of land. During the first World War he joined the army and went overseas about 1915. He came back briefly after the war and then left for Saskatchewan. After leaving here he was married and had two children. He was a brother to William Blacker and a nephew of Eldon's.


Ben French, Lewis Blacker, Tod McClain, Grover McClain