1%20FFcovericon2_42.gifby Roy Gallagher

Mr. Depping lived on S.E. 1/4 Sec. 15, Twp. 58, Range 5, west of the 4th. He came to Ferguson Flats in 1912. He told me that he had a bit of money, and good machinery when he came from Provost. He was an awful hard worker and put up a fairly nice house, barn and hen house, and a machine shed all of lumber. He worked hard and cleared up about 70 acres. He was in his mid sixties about 1935 and the farm and rocks got to be a real burden for him to handle. Mr. Depping was very well read. I doubt if he had much of a formal education in English, but he told me that he had taught school in Germany. I think he died about 1940.