Teaching in 1914

1%20FFcovericon2_14.gif(Excerpt from a letter by Vivienne Kennedy) Teacher in 1914

I was happy to hear from you at Ferguson Flats because it brought back so many good memories, many of which have long since been forgotten. It was sixty years ago and I was only seventeen! So young but I think the "kids" of that generation had to be mature to face up to the problems and the heartaches of the next few years.

If I remember rightly it was a bit later than this that I made the trek to what then seemed so far away as I lived on a farm six miles north of Islay. Likewise I can't remember  if  it was the Inspector or if the chairman of the School Board took me out there. At any rate we didn't make the trip in one day - horses and a buggy of some kind.

I boarded with the Ferguson's and everyone was so good to me. Max and Ray were my pupils and I think we walked at least 2 miles to school. However in later years I walked much farther than that while still teaching in rural schools. Like all other country school "Marms", I did my own janitor work - a far cry from working conditions today. Not too many outside activities during the fall other than one dance that I still recall.

Seemed to be a lot of rain and wet snows that fall and the walking was pretty rough at times. However, a good soul, a Mr. French, used to lay logs, etc. across the really bad places. And do you know, I never saw that kind gentleman until that memorable dance and then I didn't meet him! How I wish I could remember all the kids - but I know there was a Walter, Dale, Edna and Hazel.