Community News 1998

On New Year`s Day, we welcomed our first snowstorm of the season. However we did not have a cold winter and El Nino was credited with this balmy weather we enjoyed. Spring came early and the hot dry summer that followed resulted in pastures, hay and grain crops suffering. Later rains helped but they did not totally alleviate the problem. Gardens did well and produced abundantly. Our berry picking was very limited as blueberries and cranberries were nowhere to be found. Harvesting was completed early and everyone had plenty of time to prepare for winter. Records showed that we had warmer temperatures this year than in any previous years.

Oil prices dropped drastically and as a result oil activity was very slow. No new wells were drilled and only the good producing ones were kept active. Anadime Cleaning Plant began operating.

Our F.F. Ladies Club ended their 50th year celebration by attending the dinner theatre in Elk Point where they enjoyed `Seven Brides for Seven Brothers``

Our community center was invaded by a new visitor who gained entry through the chimney. After some adventurous exploring of the premises and a bit of vandalism, our friendly squirrel escaped the same way he entered.


  • Kennedy to Marion Hillebrand
  • Andria Coriann to Sharon and Blair Capjack
  • Leanna Ann to Valerie and Owen Gibson
  • Tristan grandson to Vernon Nelson ( Angie and James Pinder)
  • Brendan Nelson Evjen grandson to Gwen Nelson (Brenda and Dale Evjen)


Bev and Ivan Peterson celebrate their 25th in April


  • Harry Blacklock (Sr) Feb. 14th
  • Alex Blacklock June 1st
  • Debra Dennison March 28th
  • Audrey Lorenson June 4th
  • Barbara Lemecha Jul 1st
  • Harvey Dunham Aug 18th
  • Gordon Haveruk Aug 30th
  • Bernard Heffernan Walters Feb.
  • Lilly (Ockerman) Swanson Dec 13th
  • Martha (Sopchyshyn) Rawluk June 11 Martha was a teacher at Middle Creek (Primrose) in the early 40`s
  • John Drobot (our former M.L.A.) Jan 17th
  • Henry Lorenson = councillor in the 50`s Jan 31st


  • Star Zapesocki to Ron Evan Germsherd May 16
  • Karen Ockerman to Chris Evans May 30th
  • Sue Bartholomew to Jonny Nielson Aug 29th
  • Arla Irvine to Rod Purdle
  • Susie Nelson (Gwen`s granddaughter) to Brian MacNeil Dec


  • James Babenek
  • Rachel Peterson


Cribbage Tournament Winners: 1st Jim Bodnar 2nd Harry Bodnar (Jr)

Whist Winner: Ellen Seward

Valerie and Owen Gibson moved into their new home in August.

 Allen Young was re-elected as county councillor in October.

Eddie Hillebrand celebrated his 65th birthday in January.

Doug Irvine is residing in our district. He was named as the `Top Rookie` in the 1998 chuckwagon races.