Community News 2005

Ferguson Flats News 2005


  • Lachlan, son of Barbara (Amy Bullock daughter) and Shiloh Tolman Feb 12th
  • Dean Bentley, son of Cathy and Glen Ockerman Feb 15th
  • Jet, son of Kathy (Amy Bullock`s daughter) and Chad Widmer Apr 3rd
  • Joseph Paul, son of Margaret and Rod cardinal Apr 12th
  • Kyra Donna, daughter of Chris(son of Orin Ockerman) and Nicole Jul 26th
  • Hannah, granddaughter of Robert and Nadya Bartholomew
  • Chase Allen, son of Bev & Shaine (grandson of Ken and Nellie Hillebrand) Nov 12th
  • Ethan John, son for John and Karen Nelson ( grandson of Charles Nelson) Nov 5th
  • A daughter for Shawn and Tammy (Vernon`s son)


                Shyla Bullock, Michelle Zapesocki, Addison Batholomew


  • Daniel Peterson and Nadya Jun 4th
  • Christopher Zapesocki (Metro`s son) Jun 4th
  • Kim Seward & Shaine Klumph Jul 16th
  • Vania (Sanregret) (Rita`s daughter) & Tyson Lawrence (Kevin and Debbie`s son) in August


  • Chris Koppang Sep 1st
  • Ray Williams Jul 28th
  • Mona (Berezan) Stefanyk formerly of Primrose
  • Larry Lemecka Oct 30th
  • Hazel Hoard Oct 9th


  • Gabe Bayduza 65
  • Bruno Kummetz 65


  • Elsie & Clarence Tillis -50
  • Deannea & Gordon Fakeley -40

Alberta`s Centennial was celebrated at the annual Community Picnic in June. A birthday cake and ice cream were enjoyed by all visitors to the event. The Alberta Wild Rose Centenial Quilt sewn by the Ferguson Flats Ladies Club was won by Erica Ockerman

Renovations to our Community Center included a new front door, new windows, fascia, and trim.

Whist winners were Bruno Kummetz and Judy Ockerman

New Home for Melinda and Rob Heathcote

Harry and Bernice Zapesocki sold their home and acreage and retired in Cold Lake

First snowfall in early October soon melted and there was almost nothing later with Christmas 2005 being brown and not white. It had been a cool summer, and a rainy fall. Many natural disasters occurred in the world.

Homes rented in community Gwen Nelson`s and Glen Ockerman`s

Ed Hillebrand received another $2000 from Suncor.