1967 07 22

Spring Park

Visiting at the Myshaniuk home were: Bill and Fay, and family from Spruce Grove Pete and Ulga and family from Edmonton, also Marshall and Fred from Edmonton. Also visiting at the Myshanuik home, Mr. and Mrs. John Smoliak and son from Myrnam.

Bud Smith motored to Warspite accompanied by his mo­ther and Aunt, Mrs. Flanders. They had a little family reuni­on with three more of Mrs. Ha­rold Smith's sisters that live in Warspite.

Les and Joann moved from Edmonton down to Elk Point.

Mr. and Mrs. Pichka just re­turned from Edmonton a n d some site-seeing around a few lakes, but no luck in fishing.

Holly Cinnamon has gone to Yellow Knife for the summer holidays.

Barbra Scott has just return­ed from attending a wedding. Lill Cinnamon's oldest daughter in New Brook.

Micky Cinnamon also went to Edmonton for a few days to vi­sit her mother and also her sister which came from YellowKnife.