Entertainment at Spring Park

1%20FFcovericon2_158.gifAfter the school was built there were dances held in it. Smiths hauled their organ in a sleigh to the school to help with the music. Mrs. Lester Smith played it. At these early dances, their drinks were usually "home brewed".

There was always a Christmas concert put on by the teacher every year. The school was always packed with little or no standing room. Candy bags were given to the children by Santa Claus. Lunch was servedĀ  although it was almost impossible to get through the crowd. Coffee was made on the wood stove and the lights were either gas or coal oil lamps. There were also concerts put on by the adults. Humorous minstrel shows and plays were staged. One play was called "Having Your Wives Re-Ground". Joe Keller built a machine and the old women were lifted up and pushed down a feeder. After a loud rattling noise, the door opened at the side and a pretty young girl stepped out.

About 1928 a pavilion was built on the edge of the Bill Keller lake. Picnics were held there and this was used for dancing. Later it was boarded in and used in the winter. A player piano was bought and used for music. At the old fashioned picnics everyone brought homemade ice cream. One year there was a sports day and a parade, called the Calithumpian Parade.

In 1928, when Myrtle McGowan was teaching, she was in the hall rehearsing the Christmas concert in the afternoon, of the day, it was to be held in the evening. After everyone left from practice, the hall burnt. The costumes and everything were lost. However the neighborhood all got together to help and the concert was held in the school that same night.

In 1935 the neighbors got out the logs, had lumber sawed and built the hall that is standing today. While this was being built a few dances were held in the loft of Lester Smith's new barn. United Church services were first held at Smith's home. Later other homes were used or held at the school. Sunday School was held in the school.