School Bus Drivers

1%20FFcovericon2_6.gifClarence Hoard was our first schooI bus driver from 1957-1962. Then Jim Brown drove the next year. Terry Peterson was the next driver for a couple of years and now Pat Johnson has the responsibility of getting our children to school safe and sound each day.

With the coming of centralization, road conditions have improved and have had to be kept open all winter. Although the youngsters often grow weary and tired of these long bus rides, this is the price of progress. The days of walking to an ungraded, one-roomed school are but a memory. However those who enjoyed this privilege, recall those days with fondness and from listening to their stories, there were few dull moments.


Clarence Hoard drove the bus when the school was centralized.


Terry Peterson was a bus driver for some time.


1974 - Pat Johnson and his bus.