Scrapbook 4


The show must go on in spite of spring work. The play "Too Many Relatives" which was finally presented at Clandonald following many delays and difficulties. Since then it has been taken to Islay, Heinsburg and Spring Park. Although attendance and financial returns have been by no means record-breaking due to the busy season, results achieved are felt by all to be well worth the effort.

For the benefit of those who have not been to Spring Park it may be of interest to describe it briefly. Located about ten miles north-east of Elk Point, the hall is one which a much larger centre could well be proud of. Built entirely by community effort it has a full-size basement, a hardwood floor and is really tops in every way.

While there we had the pleasure of renewing acquaintance with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Darling, former residents of the Allendale district and now living about 2 miles from the hall.

Music at Spring Park for the dance following the play was suppiled by the Mulgrew orchestra.

What if we did arrive home at 5 a.m. it was well worth it!