Minutes of FC School Board

1%20FFcovericon2_3.gifThe minutes of these meetings were audited every year by Secretary of the Municipal District of Lincoln. Some interesting excerpts from the record of meetings are:

Ref. April 27-33

At the school board meeting today the board has had some complaints from some of the children's parents that  you are giving too much homework. The board considers a little homework won't hurt, but we can't see the benefit of giving them too much and crowding them too hard.

July 4-36

The board feels that you should have your operation during your vacation and not wait until you start your school.


Sawing large quantities of firewood at the school was an annual event.

TENDERS Nov. 28-1934

Motion made to put out tenders for 12 and no more than 14 ricks of wood; 30 in. long, dry and sound, tamarack or Jack pine wood; to be sawed and ricked at school before Jan.15. Anything over 8 in. to be split. Successful bidder received contract at $1. per rick. (A rick is 30 in. wide; 4 feet high, 8 feet long). Tenders were  put out for scrubbing  the schoolhouse floor. Work to be done on Jan.17 or 18. Successful bid was for $2. Teacher was asked to do the janitor work at 15 cents per day. Payment for this was to go for Christmas fund. (1939) (Janitor to make fires, sweep the floor, carry water). Teachers wages ranged at this time from $600 to $850 per year.


Moved that we ask... to scrub the schoolhouse floor and wash windows of the school at $2.50.

Jan. 12,1942

A motion was made to get a desk chair for the teacher as the old chair is in bad shape and beyond fixing. Motion was repeated in each succeeding meeting until the 556 school board was finished in 1950's and there never was any luck in obtaining this one item. Tenders for kalsomining the school: Moved that we have the ceiling and walls kalsomined with two coats, and paint the woodwork with two coats, (the woodwork to be thoroughly cleaned before painting.) Also paint the library. Successful bid was for $13.

August 13, 1935.

Donation for treats for school children at the end of the year: $2.20. Christmas treats; $5.00.

Most meetings were called to hire teachers, put out tenders for any repair work at  the school, and the supplying of wood. All the decisions as to expenditures, wages, and payment on bids was at the discretion of the local school board.