1963 07 30

Ferguson Flats

The month of July saw many visitor in the district. Among those we have noted the following:

Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Davis and family of Ferndale, Washington and Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Jensen (nee Madeline Davis) and family, also of Ferndale.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Phillips, Opal and Theodore of Worsley, spent a week-end visiting with friends.

At the Livingstone home were Mr. and Mrs. Len Laybourn and family and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Laybourn of Baldwinton, Sask.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Steele and Sandra, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lygo of Edmonton were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nelson.

Mr. Ray Smith of Surbiton, Sask., visited Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nelson and family.

Congratulations are extender to Miss Elsie Hillebrand

Mr. Bill Grekul of Edmonton who were recently united it marriage. Following the wedding ceremony in Elk Point, a reception and dance were held in the Primrose Hall. Many out of the district visitors were noted. The couple will now make their home in Edmonton.

Mr. and Mrs. Idelore Nelson of Clandonald and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swanson of Ft. Saskatchewan spent a week-end at Whitney Lake and also visited with the Ockerman families. Mr. John Ockerman Sr. accompanied his daughter back on their return for a week's holiday.

Misses Iris and Fay Gustafson, Gary and Wayne and Miss Evelyn Felske of Edmonton spent the week-end visiting old friends in the district. Wesley and Faron Young returned to the city with them to spend part of their vacation there.

Miss Carol Ockerman is currently spending the long weekend with friends in Calgary.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lorenson were hosts to the following: Mrs. W. D. Crook of Sidney, David Crook, Corner Brook, Newfoundland; George Lorenson of Lacombe; Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Lorenson and family of Portland, Oregon; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lorenson and Keith of Clive.

Mrs. Dorothy Doherty (nee Allen) and son Vince of Oakville, Ontario, spent her holidays visiting friends and relalives in this area. Upon her return, she will accompany her husband to Germany where he will be stationed with the army for a period of three years.

Mr. Robert Bartholomew and daughters of Edmonton were visitors in the district recently.
His son, Robert Jr., is spending his holidays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Nelson.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson have returned from an enjoyable motor trip to the west coast. They travelled through central Alberta, Banff, into the lower mainland of B.C., to Vancouver and returned via Jasper and Edmonton. They visited many relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nelson also report a very enjoyable holiday which they spent visiting Dawson Creek. They joined their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Melin and family and toured B.C. They renewed old acquaintances with many old timers of the district.

The September meeting of the Ferguson Fiat Ladies Club will be held at the Community Centre on Thursday, September 5th.