Fern Chapel Amalgamated 1939

1%20FFcovericon2_4.gifThis local board was in force until November 1939, when the large School Division was formed. The municipality was divided into different Locals, each Local having an elected trustee to represent them at the Divisional Board meetings held in St. Paul. Some of our trustees were: Buster Valentine, Reese McGinnis, William Smith, Paul Buck.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to find teachers willing to come to rural schools. Centralization was being introduced all through the province and was the only alternative here. Much as the community objected to this, the children were bussed to Lindbergh in the fall of 1957. The high school students continued from there to Elk Point. In 1965 the Lindbergh school was closed and all the children were taken to Elk Point where they are receiving their education to the present time.

In January 1962 the County of St. Paul was formed and the municipal and school boards were amalgamated.