Community News 1990

1990 produced a bumper crop of babies in our district. They are:

  •                 Marvin Arnold Ockerman (born Feb 9th 1990) son of Glen and Cathy
  •                 Ian Brian Jurak (born Mar 2nd 1990) son of Ralph and Carol Jurak
  •                 Deidra Rae Nelson (born Mar 16 1990) daughter of Richard and Sheila Nelson
  •                 James Douglas Hugh Sparks (born Sept 26 1990) son of Doug and Trudy Sparks
  •                 Amy Kathleen Ockerman ( born Oct. 3, 1990) daughter of Gary and Kathy Ockerman
  •                 Warren Preston Jurak (born Nov 12 1990) son of Fred and Shani Jurak

In addition Olive Nelson became a great grandmother for the first time. Nick and Pearl Zapesocki also became great grandparents for the first time with the birth of Kevin William Nelson Smith (born Aug. 11 1990) son of Kevin and Tammy Smith.

Weddings in our district this year were:

  •                 Richard Nelson son of Neil and Mary Nelson, and Sheila Irvine daughter of Morris and Fay Irvine
  •                 Tammy Zapesocki daughter of Bill and Edna Zapesocki and Kevin Smith
  •                 Darlene Hillebrand daughter of Ed and Ella Hillebrand and Gabriel Martin
  •                 Orin Ockerman son of John and Judy Ockerman and Donna Brooker

We were saddened by the death of Fritz Kummetz on May 19 1990.

Star Zapesocki, Margaret Bayduza and Henri Thomson all graduated from High School this year.

Bill and Edna Zapesocki, in addition to having a new grandson, a high school graduate, and a wedding, also celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Gwen Nelson retired from teaching this year.

New residents to our district are Orin and Donna Ockerman and Blair Capjack. Richard and Linda Hammond built a new home.

The road around Holowaychuk Lake was rebuilt and rearranged to facilitate north south traffic.

As usual there were many achievements in our district. School awards were as follows:

  •                 Jennifer Hillebrand Grade Nine Honorable Mention, Home Economics Award
  •                 Stephen Bayduza Grade Ten Academic Honors
  •                 Stacy Dunham Grade Eleven Academic Honours
  •                 Margaret Bayduza Grade Twelve Academic Honours, Biology 30 Academic Award, Rutherford Scholarship,      Brailsford Memorial Music Award,
  •                 Anthony Bayduza Rutherford Scholarship

Krista Seward won the Junior Fair Aggregate Award at the Elk Point Agricultural Fair

Richard Nelson shot a white-tail deer with a 27 point non-typical head which won the competition at Ashmont and will be entered in the Boone & Crockett Record Book.

Cathy Ockerman won the cribbage tournament last winter. In the whist drive competition, Bernice Zapesocki was the grand winner for the women and Tom Bayduza was the grand winner for the men.