Community News 1994

1994 began with a very cold January, a cold and windy February and a very dry April. However, the rains came and we had the best pasture and growing conditions in quite a few years. The fall was good with the frosts coming late and most people were able to get their bales hauled in before the snow came in November. To the end of December we had only two or three days of -40 degree cold. It was a very good berry-picking year.
Bernice and Harry Zapesocki had their first grandchild, a boy named Waylon, born to Maria and Tom May. 
Gwen Nelson was a grandmother again when Brenda and Dale Evjen had a baby named John Olive Nelson had a little great-granddaughter born to her granddaughter Gail.
Ed and Ella Hillebrand had three grandsons born to their daughters, Cheryl, Darlene, and Roxanne
Elsie Gerkul had a new grandson born to her daughter Wendy.
Shirley Ockerman had a new granddaughter Kayla born to her daughter Valerie
Kenny and Nellie Hillebrand had their first grandchild a boy born to Marion.
Ecco Peterson had a great granddaughter born to Kerry Lea™s daughter Tracy
Nick Zapesocki-April 16. Mary Hatchard, Florence Hammond (Belter), Bud Long, Pearl (Gallagher) Haines, Fritz Kummetz Jr, Connie Thomson™s father (Don Ferguson), Mrs. M. Chomlack, Auburn Kepke
Melinda Ockerman and Rob Heathcote
Wendy Zapesocki
Amy Lou Bullock and John Ripley (Gwen Nelson™s granddaughter, daughter of Amy and David Bullock)
Noteworthy Birthdays:
Ella Livingston- 90 years
Olga Ockerman 65 years
Shirley Ockerman 50 years
John and Elsie Hillebrand 25th wedding anniversary
Ed and Ella Hillebrand , Fred and Donna Zapesocki
Jason Morris -Grade 12
Bernice Zapesocki Lakeland College Business Administration
Maria Antonio Lakeland College- Business Administration
Lori Nelson Lakeland College-Business Administration
Trudy Nelson- Grant McEwen College- Early Childhood
Karen Ockerman Edmonton City Police Training Course
Margaret Bayduza University of Alberta BA
Whist winners John and Judy Ockerman
Cribbage Tournament- Glen Ockerman
Elk Point 4-H Multi Club Grand Champion Steer James Babenek
Lily Thomson- bursary from Elk Point & District Choral Society
Krista Seward was editor of the F.G. Miller High School paper which won a merchandising Award
Christa Hammond- Grade nine Academic Honors
Leslie Hillebrand Grade 9 Honorable Mention and the family Life Award
Kim Seward Grade 12 Honorable mention
Jason Morris Brailsford Memorial Music Award
TRIPS: Gwen Nelson and Olga Ockerman travelled to Medicine Hat