Community News 2003

Ferguson Flats News 2003

A mild winter with a little snow worried residents who feared a repeat of last year™s disastrous drought. However, a heavy April snowfall and increased spring moisture, gave us a much greener countryside. Hay crops and gardens were improved. Grain crops suffered because of heavy grasshopper infestations and the very hot and dry July and August. The BSE or mad cow crisis was another serious problem faced by the cattle producers this year.


  • Brooke Cassidy Saranchuk-Babenek, a daughter of James and Kylee and first grandchild to Elaine Babenek on Mar 17th
  • Paris Suzanne daughter of Susie Nelson on March 28th
  • Jack Ryan, son of Melanie Zapesocki first granddaughter for Metro and Shirley Zapesocki April 24th
  • Daniel Eugene Edward, son of Margaret & Rod Cardinal first grandchild for Gabe Bayduza May 21st
  • Josh Ryan, son of Star & Evan Germscheid and grandson to Bill & Edna Zapesocki on Sept 12th
  • Evan Nolan Magnus, son of Brent and Jean Ockerman October 23rd
  • Tino Amadeus, son of Trudy and Dominque Braga grandson of Mary Nelson Dec 15th


  • Eugene Bayduza June 15th
  • Daniel Allen Jul 14th
  • Joseph Martin (Vernon B.C.) Oct 3rd
  • Willie Berezan (formerly of Primrose) Apr 22nd


  • David Hillebrand & Kendra Watson Jul 19th
  • James Babenek and Kylee Saranchuk Aug 1st
  • James Nelson (Charles son) and Alexis Best August 30th


Ed and Elaine Babenek 25th April 29th


Marge Heffernan -80th


Amanda Zapesocki, Sandy Bullock, Shelley Gladue (foster child of Bernice and Harry Zapesocki) from High School

Other News:

Whist winners were Billy Dunham and Judy Ockerman

Gwen Nelson moved into Heritage Lodge in Elk Point in July

Interior of Fern chapel was restored

Moose Hills road was completely paved by mid November

Saskatoons, wild strawberries and other berries were abundant. Oil activity continues in the area.

Ed Hillebrand received another grant from Suncor for $2000

Ed and Elaine leave the district.

 Good fall weather permitted everyone in the district to complete their harvest.

 Frost came in late September.

CNRL bought out Murphy Oil