1965 01 15

Ferguson Flats

Mr. Albert Hammond is visit­ing with his daughter, Mrs. George Belter and family in Edmonton.

Many visitors were in the district during the holiday sea­son. Among them were the fol­lowing:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ocker­man and family of Coaldale. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Williams and family, Edmonton. Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Melin and family, Dawson Creek, B.C. Mr. and Mis. Bill Grekul and daughter of Edmonton. Mr. Billy Kum­metz of Viking. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bartholomew and family of Edmonton. Mr. Charles Nelson, Edmonton. Mr. and Mrs. Orval Lorenson and boy of Lacombe.

Miss Ellen Nelson who’s at­tending the Olds Agricultural School was home for the holi­days.

Miss Donna Nelson. who is a Nursing Aid student in Edmon­ton also spent her holidays at home.

Mr. John Ockerman Sr. re­turned from a visit at the home of his daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swanson and family in Fort Saskatchewan.

The next meeting of the La­dies Club will be held at the home of Mrs Carl Ockerman on Thursday February 3rd.