Community News 1988

1988 saw five babies born to present and former residents. They are: Lisa Mary daughter of Doug and Trudy Sparks (nee Nelson); Nicholas Fred son of Donna and Fred Zapesocki; Christopher Robert son of Bob and Sharon Poitras (nee Heffernan); Julie Rose daughter of Dennis and Christine Uttley (nee Ockerman); and Candice Victoria daughter of Lee and Debbie Babcock (nee Kummetz)
High School graduates this year were John Wayne Hillebrand and Colleen Cameron of Ferguson Flats; Kim Thomson of Primrose and Kathy Irvine and Carl Fakeley of Lindbergh.
Weddings this year included David Ockerman and Erica Elliot, Raymnd Brown and B.J. King, Tammy Tilley and Allen Culley, and Michelle Nelson ) a former resident and daughter of Charles Nelson) and Craig Nadeau.
Carl and Olga Ockerman celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. Vincent and Olga Lawrence (formerly Olga Chomlack of Primrose) celebrated their 40th anniversary. Nick and Pearl Zapesocki attained their 50th wedding anniversary.
Our community was saddened by the death of Gabriel Heffernan (89), Sophie Ashby (63), and Jason Antonio (17).
Ferguson Flats lost two families as Lloyd and Yvonne Brown moved to Manniville and Terry and Susan Cameron moved to Brooks, Alberta. Joe Molnar moved from Primrose to the Heritage Lodge in Elk Point.
Ivan and Bev Peterson have built a new home.
Kenny Hillebrand and Terry Grekul spent two weeks in Germany visiting relatives. Sandra and Karen Ockerman had a very enjoyable European trip during which they travelled to Britain, France, Switzerland, and Italy.
The whist drive winners were Jennifer Hillebrand and John Wayne Hillebrand. The cribbage tournament winners were Ellen Seward and Glen Ockerman.
Anthony, Margaret, and Stephen Bayduza made the high school honor roll.
Because of low and uncertain world oil prices, the Murphy Oil Company has shut down it™s Ferguson Flats operation.
The new road to Bonnyville via Muriel Lake is nearing completion and should be finished next year. Several roads in Ferguson Flats and Spring Park were oiled. The main road through Primrose has been rebuilt.
The Ferguson Flats Community Center underwent considerable renovations this year which included re-shingling the roof, repairs to a wall, windows and wiring, and a new coat of stucco on the outside. The community™s thanks go out to all those who assisted in this work.