Community News 2002

Ferguson Flats News 2002


  •  Francis Zackaline Feb 12th age 88
  •  John Madden in March
  • Johnny Johnson in June. He was hit on a bike
  • Harry Phillips Jul 7th
  • Charlie Thompson Sept 9th
  • Ecco Peterson Sept 27th
  • Glen Cinnamon in September


  • Nickina (Amy Bullock™s daughter) and Reg Bibby  had a son Reggie  - Sept. 6th
  • Doug (Morris Irvine™s son) and Jimmie Lou had a girl, Dacia Sept 10th
  • Penny (Amy Bullock™s daughter) and John Forsyth had a girl Scarlett Nickina Sept 20th
  • Arla  (Morris Irvine™s daughter) and Rod Pirtle had a son Cooper Sep. 21st
  • Trudy and Dominque Braga had a son, Vincent Mario in October
  • John (Charles Nelson son) and Karen had a son, Chris James Nov 15th


  • Elsie Hillebrand 65 on Feb. 11th
  • Pearl Zapesocki -85 on Jun 8th
  • Mary Nelson 60
  • Ray Williams (Beulah Nee Nelson™s husband 85


  • Johnny and Judy Ockerman -40th
  • Mary and Neil Nelson 40th

New Homes:   

  • Trudy and Dominque Braga
  • Glen and Cathy Ockerman