Community News 2006

Ferguson Flats News 2006


  • Chase Michael, son of Melanie (Metro`s daughter)
  • Tanner Eugene, son of Crystal & Tom (son of Gabe) Bayduza
  • Macy Rosina, daughter of Kathy (daughter of Amy Bullock) and Chad Widmer Oct 4th
  • Amy Ashlyn, daughter of Amy (Amy Bullock`s daughter) and John Ripley Aug 16th
  • Dessa Marie, daughter of Bart (Amy bullock son) & Jen Bullock Feb 4th
  • Sophia, daughter of Carl and Jennifer Fakeley Dec 19th
  • Vaughn Samuel John, son of Brent & Jean Ockerman
  • Emma May, daughter of Cassy (daughter of Richard & Sheila Nelson) Nov 1st


                Lisa Braga


  • Bev Hillebrand & Shane Christensen in June
  • Ryan Hammond & Chantelle Maas Aug 5th
  • Ben Peterson & Andrea Stahl


  • Wilma Kjenner (Salmon) age 92- in Oct.
  • John Ockerman age 75 Oct 11th
  • Marie Gallagher age 87 -Nov 12th


  • Olive Nelson -80
  • Teresa Kummetz -65
  • Alfred Opanavicious 65


                Ed & Ella Hillebrand 45th

Other News:   

  • Whist winners were Fritz Younghans and Olga Ockerman
  • Reunions held at Ferguson Flats Hall Kummetz family and Dave Thompson family
  • Cheryl & Dave Chalupa purchased Merrick acreage (formerly the Livingston place)
  •  Quilt raffle was won by Fawn Ockerman.

Winter arrived early with a heavy snowfall.

 Ed Hillebrand did not apply for grant this year from Suncor