Scrapbook 8

Student Expresses Views On Roads In Spring Park Area

Following is a letter contributed to the Elk Point correspondent. It does not necessarily imply that this paper agrees with the views and opinions expressed. ”Ed.

I would like to describe the paths (for we can't call them roads) of Spring Park. I'm quite familiar with these ruts and bumps because I ride over them twice a day on the School bus.

Because the culverts were not thawed out early, the snow water ran across the roads, washing out two-foot trenches preventing cars or trucks from passing.

We have a path over a very deep lake on which a very serious accident is going to happen someday. This lake is about the width of the school bus, for when we look out of the windows, we cannot see the road, only the odd bits of grass that stick over the edge. Yes it does give us all an odd feeling to think of what might happen if we happen to have a flat tire or the tie-rod ends fail to function properly.

Many of our parents went to St. Paul to see about this death trap, but they were completely ignored. Mr. Gordon Taylor should take heed of this to prevent any more accidents like the one at Lamont.

When lives are lost, they will think of doing something about it. The grader rides through our district about twice every year just to say he has been there.

We are not asking for pavement, all we ask is a little gravel, a few culverts and something done about that lake before the School bus or even our Councillor drives off it. Of course he never comes out to see our roads, so anything so drastic could not happen to him.


Miss Carol Booth,

Student, Elk Point High.