Spring Park Scrapbook 1950s and 60s

This scrapbook of articles refering to Spring Park and Ferguson Flats events was collected by Alta Hellquist from the St Paul Journal during the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s. We have identified some of them by date published where we can (in the YYYY MM DD format) and by a simple Scrapbook ## when we cannot tell the date.

Puzzles Galore

How good is your knowledge of Spring Park and Ferguson Flats? We need your help to figure out the date for each of the 14 Scrapbooks. If anyone is more able to identify the date of the artical please send it to Marvin Bjornstad at marvinbjo@gmail.com so he can update the site. Let us know what leads you to pick that date. If you have any other clippings please send them on.