District Diary- 1984

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen: 

Tonight we are starting what we hope will be an annual review of events in the Ferguson Flats  and Primrose Districts. If we have inadvertently omitted anything, please accept our apologies. 
In 1984 we were saddened by the loss of four of our neighbours Mr. Chris Nelson, Mr. Ira Livingston, Miss Florence Lemecha, and Mrs. Schultz. They are missed by their friends as well as by their families.  1984 also saw Ferguson flats gain four new neighbours Terry, Susan, Colleen, and Chris Cameron. 
We had one wedding: that of Trudy Nelson to Doug Sparks. We also celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Kummetz. 
Two of our students graduated from high school. They were Jim Bodnar and Larry Gallagher. A number of prizes and awards were won by our residents. John and Elsie Hillebrand were the overall winners in the Men™s and Ladies™ divisions of our winter Whist Drives. Mary Nelson and Yvonne Brown each won first prize the two Ferguson Flats cribbage tournaments. Incidentally, their sons took the booby prizes in each tournament. 
At the County Track Meet, Star Zapesocki was a winner in the 4 X 100 relay while Laurie Irvine won the high jump. Melinda Ockerman was a winner in the Lioness Coloring Contest. Ellen Seward took first prize for photography at the Agricultural Fair. Valarie Ockerman received the Clothing and Textiles award at the Elk Point High School.
May 1985 bring happiness to all in Primrose and Ferguson Flats.