Remember When

1%20FFcovericon2_7.gifThose who attended Fern Chapel school will remember

-the phoebe's nest in the porch nearly every spring.

-ink bottle corks popping out in winter when the ink froze.

-students sent home for the day because they had killed a skunk on the way to school.

-the hole under the school where the boys hid.

-sitting on the wood pile at lunch time, in summer, and feeding bits of bread to the gophers.

-the old barn and the horse pasture. Games of Run,Sheep, Run, and Anti-I-Over. The ball diamond with   lots of small willows in the outfield and the big pink rock  for third base.

-School Fairs and entries of pressed flowers, vegetables or farm animals.

-heating pails of cocoa on the old stove and having the lids popping off during school time.

-the annual Christmas concert.

-the games of Fox and Goose in the fresh snow and building snow forts during the winter months.  

-drowning out gophers in the school yard at recess and noon hour.

 -the trading of sandwiches with other pupils from the customary syrup or lard pail lunch buckets.

-the old ink wells in the desk and more than one girl's curls or braids getting dipped in them from the boy who   sat directly behind her.

-the pupils having spelling 'bees' often and sometimes the parents were invited to take part.

-the school picnic at the close of the term each year and everyone sharing their picnic lunches together