Community News 2000

Ferguson Flats News 2000


  • Rose Martin January 19th
  • Gertrude (Engler) Hagland May 25th She was a teacher here in 1952- 1953
  • Edna Darling June 4th
  • John Hornby June 28th He was a Fern Chapel teacher in 1931-1932
  • Theresa Milligan July She was Marge Heffernan™s sister
  • Bob Smith Sept 1st
  • Anna Skolarchuk Sept 5th


  • Valerie, Shirley Ockerman™s daughter, and Owen Gibson had a girl, Dana Randy- Feb 21st
  • Penny, Amy Bullock™s daughter, and Johnnie Forsyth had a son JR Mar 19th
  • Stewart, Ivan Peterson™s son, and Becky had a girl, Jena Brooke Aug 1st
  • John, Charles Nelson™s son, and Karen had a son , Tanner Charles Aug 31st
  • Amy, Amy Bullock™s daughter, and John Ripley had a boy, Gerrik David Sept 19th
  • Cheryl, Ed Hillebrand™s daughter, and Dave Chalupa had a girl, Cherie Irene Oct. 26th


  • Arthur Gallagher -90
  • Daniel Allen 80
  • Neil Nelson 70
  • Gabe Bayduza 60


  • Bill and Edna Zapesocki 35th on July 23rd
  • Ferguson Flats Association 50th with a Homecoming on July 2nd

New Houses:  

  • Doug and Lori Nelson
  • Amy and Dave Bullock
  • Leslie Hillebrand
  • Elsie Grekul
  • David Hillebrand and Karen Watson
  • Richard and Sheila Nelson


  •  Angela Sanregret and Todd Anderson June 17th
  • Anthony Bayduza and Dee Karner Sept 1st
  • Jennifer Hillebrand, John & Elsie™s daughter, and Rae Gensler Sept 2nd


  • Aileen Harper, Taralee Babenek, Kenna Hillebrand, Ben Peterson, James Purdy  from  High School
  • Krista Hammond from Nutrition and Food Services Management
  • Tommy Bayduza from Heavy Duty Mechanics
  • Kim Seward from Animal Health Science
  • Steven Bayduza from Computer Science
  • Jimmy Lou Irvine with a Bachelor of Education

Other Items;   

Doug and Jimmie Lou Irvine moved to LaCorey

Tyler Ockerman was burnt in a garbage fire explosion Oct 30th

Olive Nelson moved to Elk Point

Melanie Fakeley moved into Olive™s home

Darlene and Murray Harper moved to Lloydminister

Rachel and Mark McKinnon moved into the Harper Place

Whist Winners were Krista Seward and John Ockerman

Crib Tournament Winner was Charlie McNamee Second was Glen Ockerman

Interesting Tidbits: 

Berry picking was good this year

The area had 15 inches of rain

Temperature in September was down to -14 Celsius

A new road was put in straight from Murphy to Highway 41

Gwen Nelson won the rural Christmas Light Contest

Ed Hillebrand received a $2000 donation from Suncor for the community