Community News 1985

1985 brought both happy and sad times to our district. This past year we lost two residents to death: Edward Nelson on February 22, 1985 and Harry Bodnar on July 1, 1985. In addition, the home of Lloyd and Yvonne Brown burned in November with the loss of all its contents. Fortunately, no one was injured. 
On the happier side, we have a new baby in the area”Nathan Jurak who was born August 29th 1985 to Fred and Shani Jurak. There were also three new grandchildren born to our residents. They are Amanda Pearl Zapesocki, daughter of Fred and Donna Zapesocki, granddaughter to Nick and Pearl Zapesocki; Amanda Lee Poitras, daughter of Sharon and Bob Poitras, granddaughter to Marge Heffernan; and Sandy Dawn Bullock, daughter of Amy Ann and David Bullock, granddaughter to Gwen Nelson.
Two weddings were celebrated this year. Richard Buksa, was married last winter. Christine Ockerman married Dennis Uttley on June 29, 1985. As well, Fred and Audrey Lorenson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 
Four new residents have moved in with their families, although all formerly lived in our district or nearby. They are: Elsie Grekul, formerly Hillebrand; Bernice Antonio, formerly Bartholomew; Darlene Harper, formerly Riach; and Gary and Kathy Ockerman. Gary and Kathy have built a new house.  Fred and Loretta Opanavicious are also building a new home but have not yet moved in. 
Joe Molnar definitely decided to quit farming this year when he had an auction sale of all his farm equipment in July. Happily, he is still living on his farm. His sale provided the opportunity for a lot of visiting with present and former neighbours.
This summer Murphy Oil started to expand their plant north of here and built a new road in it. This has meant many new jobs and greatly increased traffic on some roads.
 Brenda Nelson arrived home safely from a year spent in Taiwan. Mary Nelson visited cousins in the state of Washington, U.S.A.
High School graduates this year were Chris Thomson, Raymond Brown, and Sheila Irvine. We are very proud of the honours and awards won by the young people of the district this year. On the high school honour roll were John Wayne Hillebrand, Stacy Dunham, and Margaret Bayduza this fall and Anthony and Margaret last spring. Valarie Ockerman won 1st prize from the Elk Point Royal Canadian Legion for poetry. Star Zapesocki was part of the winning 4 x 100 relay team at the county track meet. Stacy Dunham won an athletic award for school intramurals. Stewart Peterson won the Beatrice Kinch Memorial Award for Grade 5 last March. Margaret Bayduza won the school public 
speaking award for Grade 7. David Skolarchuk and Twila Smith were Canada Day Poster contest winners.
In the Ferguson Flats Whist Drive, the over-all champions were Elsie Hillebrand for the Ladies and Jessie Hillebrand for the Gents. The cribbage tournament winners were Susan Cameron & Marlon Ockerman.
St Johns Award

Kevin Svem and David Ockerman receive award from St John Ambulance Nov 27, 1985

St Johns award


In November Richard Nelson, David Ockerman and Kevin Sweium were awarded the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem for their heroism in 1984 in rescuing a mother and her two daughters from drowning in North Garnier Lake and their attempt to save the father. We congratulate them on their courage and quick thinking.
I apologize if I have made any mistakes or omitted any event of interest that happened in the past year. Please let me know of it so that we can have this information for our community records.
ADDITION: Emma Hatchard Private published a book this year on the experiences of parents with severely handicapped children.