Community News 2013

Deaths: Joe Molnar
             Steve Lemecka- passed away 13 Feb 2013 age 80 years
             Sarah (Susie) Nelson passed away on April 11, 2013
             Irene Melin passed away May 14th 2013
Births: Gracie Ann Nelson daughter of Cassie, granddaughter of Richard and Sheila Nelson on March 1st
Madeline Sophia daughter of Deidre Nelson on July 4th granddaughter of Richard Nelson
          Bart & Jen Bullock had a son Boston Dean on April 27th
          Rhett David Bullock son of Bryan & Alanna was born Aug 23rd
Rylan Cameron Kryzanowski son of Alanna Ockerman was born May 22nd great grandson of Judy Ockerman
          Jack Hammond son of Ryan & Chantelle was born on May 17th 2013
Whist Winners: Ladies Marie Loughran & Mens- Bruno Kummetz
Events: Tyler and Gwen celebrate their 40th anniversary
            Mildred Dunham is recovering from health problems Air Lifted by STARS
            Ed & Barbara Kopang celebrate their 55 Anniversary
            Glen Ockerman was put back in as County Counsellor by acclamation
            Cheryl Hillebrand has moved to St Paul from Ft. McMurray
            Darcy Ockerman & Doreen Lee are engaged
            Tyson Ockerman & Andrea Lee are planning to marry
            Jessica and Austin Jurak were married
            Fred & Shani Jurak are grandparents
            Deannea Fakeley is 70 this year
            We have had a long dry good harvest this year.