Entertainment at Primrose

1%20FFcovericon2_135.gifIn spite of the hardships, the people took time out to have some fun too. House parties were held whenever anyone decided to call one, and wherever there was enough room to accommodate the crowd. Old and young were welcome, all the children joined in the fun. Music was no problem as there was generally someone who could play some instrument. These parties would last till the wee hours of the morning. Surprise parties were often held and provided a welcome change from the monotony of hard work.


Toe tapping music was often provided by this musical group: Bill, Morris, and Walter Saranchuk, Roy Hatchard, Robert Bartholomew

The school was later used for all types of dances, pie and basket socials, masquerade dances and other social events. Anyone who did not come in a costume to a masquerade dance would be liable to a fineof perhaps 15c. Men usually paid about 35c admission and ladies brought cake. For those who needed to quench their thirst, "beverages" distilled locally were usually served somewhere outside.