Scrapbook 3


Hello everyone, we haven't had very much news from this district lately. Everyone's staying close to the heaters after all our cold weather. We just saw 2 crows flying over so maybe spring is around the corner.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Darling have returned home from a few weeks in Edmonton where Lloyd spent a week in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Mr. Roy Scott and Co. from Elk Point has his sawmill humming sawing lumber for Rufus Kepke.

Mr. Roy Cinnamon left for Yellowknife where he is employed by running a "cat" train. Mrs. Cinnamon will join Roy later.

Our March Ladies meeting was held at the home of Mrs. 0. C. Graves Sr. All members were present and we accomplished a lot getting ready for our fall baazar.

We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate our councillor Mr. Henry Lorenson for his victory of being re-elected on Saturday.

Our April Ladies meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. A. E. Kepke.