Community News 1989

In 1989 the Murphy Oil plant shut down and then partly reopened. As a result, Terry and Susan Cameron and Bruno and Theresa Kummetz moved away. This year also saw the completion of the new road from Holowaychuk Lake (between Ferguson Flats and Primrose) to Bonnyville. This makes Bonnyville closer to most of us than St. Paul.
We were saddened this year by the loss of John Bodnar, John Tofan, Melvin Ockerman, and Vincent Lawrence.
New babies in 1989 were Adam Zapesocki, son of Fred and Donna Zapesocki, and Roseanne Jurak, daughter of Fred and Shani Jurak.
There were marriages in our community. Judy Gallagher married Bruce Bearegard and Cathy Irvine married Glen Ockerman.
Several new and former residents moved into the area this year. They are Doug and Trudy Sparks, Vernon and Susie Nelson, Mac and Emily MacDonald and Tyler and Gwen Morris. 
We had quite a few 50th birthdays (Harry Zapesocki, Kenny Hillebrand, Eugene Bayduza, Loretta Opanavicius) celebrated this year and one 65th (Gwen Nelson). Mr. Kummetz celebrated his 80th birthday and Mrs. Livingston her 85th.
High school graduates were Maria Antonio, Anthony Bayduza, Jesse Hillebrand, and Marion Hillebrand. Karen Ockerman graduated from the University of Alberta with a combined Bachelor of Science and Registered Nurse degree. Barbara Heffernan McKeage, formerly of Primrose graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education. Elaine Heffernan formerly of Primrose graduated from Interior Design in Calgary.
Awards won by our students for the school year ending in June 1989 were as follows;
  • Grade 8: Jennifer Hillebrand Honorable mention 
  • Grade 9 Stewart Peterson Junior Sportman of the Year 
  • Stephen Bayduza- academic honours & Junior High Computer Processing Award
  • Grade 10 Stacy Dunham Honorable mention
  • Grade 11 Margaret Bayduza Academic Honours, French Award, Brailsford Memorial Music
  • Grade 12 Maria Antonio Dr. K.C. Miller Award for the Top Grade Diploma Student High Academic Standing Award, Kates Memorial Award, Social Studies Award, Biology Award, Chemistry 30 Award 
  • Anthony Bayduza Academic Honours, Governor General Medal, County of St. Paul
People leaving the community were: Janzen, Tommy and Tulley and boys.
Whist drive Winners were John Wayne Hillebrand and Olga Ockerman. Cribbage tournament winner was Ellen Seward.