Spring Park

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The first settlers in this area were Tom Ireland, H. Burmaster, Jo Peters, and O.C. Graves. Some did not stay very long. Joe Peters, a German, built on the quarter section Tom Kinch now owns and stayed a number of years. O.C. Graves went back to Tennessee, married, and didn't come back until 1923 when he brought his wife and two children.

During 1910, 11, '12, and '13, there were the following who came: Mrs. Gobin, Willard Van Natter, Charles Nelson, Lester Smith, Hermand Haugland, Mel Haugland, Vern Van Natter, Ed Kepke, Finley, Bill Peacock, Irving Hand, Bruce Garrison, Clarence Freeman, John Holley, Gus Swanson, Dad Wilson, H.L. Stewart, Hardy Lawrence, Pete Larson, Elmer Haugland, Evans, Mrs. Annie Holley, John Peacock, Lou Hand, Mike Todd, Mr. Quail, Cohn MacDonald, Mr. Sweheim, Hugh Cinnamon Bill Currey


1916-17 Early settlers thrived on wild game. Lester and Vern Van Natter.


Ed. Kepke cutting oats for Halvar Haugland, Sr. 1916

In 1923, Joe Long and Vic Scott came into the district. Harold Pinder also homesteaded then. In 1928 Thor Torvilla came. In 1915, Loy Laughlin moved on the Pete Larson place. In 1917, the house was built where Jack Booth lived and is still standing. In later years new people came and replaced the early settlers.