Community News 1987

It is time again to review some of the more significant events in our community this past year. We were very happy to see the arrival of baby boys born to Fred and Shanie Jurak and to Gary and Kathy Ockerman. Christine Uttley, Formerly of Ferguson Flats, and her husband, Dennis had a baby girl. 
We also are pleased to have new neighbours on the old Livingston Place. They are Jody, Sam, Marlaine and Angle Janzen and Connie Rivet. 
This year saw the 25th anniversaries of Neil and Mary Nelson and of Judy and Johnny OckermanThe Ferguson Flats Ladies Club celebrated it™s 40th anniversary in August although it actually turned 40 in March. Two of the original members still belong to the club.
Brent Ockerman was our only high school graduate this year. 
Stephen, Margaret, and Anthony Bayduza made the Honor Roll in their schools. Bev Hillebrand received an award for the most points in her category at the St. Paul County Elementary Track meet last spring Leslie Hillebrand won 1st prize for public speaking for grade 2. Marion Hillebrand was second prize in the Remembrance Day Poetry Contest. 
We were saddened this month by the death on December 12th of Raymond Hillebrand aged 44. 
The overall winners of the Whist Drives last winter were Ellen Seward and John Wayne Hillebrand. Strangely, Ellen Seward was also one of the Cribbage Tournament winners; the other winner was Joe Molnar. 
In June, Kenny, Nellie, and Elsie Hillebrand travelled to Germany and elsewhere in Europe where they visited many relations. 
Charlie and Connie Thomson have built a new home in Primrose. 
Murphy Oil Company has announced plans to expand their operation. 
This year we have experienced one of the warmest and driest falls in memory. From early September to mid-December we had less than ¼ inch of precipitation. To date we have also been spared any bitterly cold weather. November saw most days with highs well above freezing.