Scrapbook 3


Hello everyone, we haven't had very much news from this district lately. Everyone's staying close to the heaters after all our cold weather. We just saw 2 crows flying over so maybe spring is around the corner.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Darling have returned home from a few weeks in Edmonton where Lloyd spent a week in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Mr. Roy Scott and Co. from Elk Point has his sawmill hum­ming sawing lumber for Rufus Kepke.

Mr. Roy Cinnamon left for Yel­lowknife where he is employed by running a "cat" train. Mrs. Cinnamon will join Roy later.

Our March Ladies meeting was held at the home of Mrs. 0. C. Graves Sr. All members were present and we accomplished a lot getting ready for our fall baaz­ar.

We wish to take this opportu­nity to congratulate our councillor Mr. Henry Lorenson for his vic­tory of being re-elected on Sa­turday.

Our April Ladies meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. A. E. Kepke.