1959 09 15

Spring Park News

The wonderful holidays are over and everyone back in har­ness, getting the children off to school etc.

Miss Doris Holley who is em­ployed in Edmonton was home for Christmas. Mrs. Holly enter­tained a number of the girls at her home on Boxing day.

Mr. Walter Cox from Green­wood, B.C. motored up to spend the holidays at the A. E. Kepke home.

We are certainly getting a taste of winter weather. The temperature dropped to 30 below on Jan. 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Cooley and Mrs. A. McMurdo were visiting



at the home of L. D. Valentine over the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Cam Burroughs and family from Edmonton spent Christmas with Mrs. Burroughs' parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Graves.

There will be a dance at the Spring Park Hall on January 15. Music by the Heinsburg orches­tra.

Mrs. L Lattglin is visiting with her daughter Mrs. Geo. Jacobson in Elk Point at the present time.