Community News 2001

Ferguson Flat 2001 News


  • Hazel Gustafson –Jan. 2nd
  • Marge Wensel, Sheila Lorenson’s mother in June
  • Connie Smereka, Verne Nelson’s daughter, in August
  • Helen Cybert(nee Chomlack) in Sept/Oct
  • Freda Wickman – Oct 2nd
  • Leah Young, Duane Young’s daughter, Oct. 2nd
  • Stacey, Myles Ockerman’s daughter, Oct. 12th
  • Mary Rivard (nee Bodnar) Nov. 17th
  • Helen “Toots” Bodell, Marge Heffernan’s sister – in the fall
  • Ernest Bartholomew - ___________________
  • Mike Brygdyr, Olga Saranchuk’s husband -______


  • Nickina, Amy Bullock’s daughter, and Reg Bibby had a girl Kevyn  Gwendolyn –Jan 3rd           
  • Angie and James Pinder ( Vernon Franklin’s daughter) had a girl ___
  • Brenda, Gwen’s daughter, and Dale Evjen had a son, Michael Dale –Apr.30th
  • Brent and Jean Ockerman had a son, Corbin John Warren – Aug 20th
  • Doug and Lori Nelson had a son Hunter Douglas – Jun 20th
  • Gary and Jackie Belter had a son Jaxon – Aug 10th
  • Glen and Cathy Ockerman had a daughter Fawn Shirley – Oct 8th
  • Jennifer and Rae Gensler had a son, Bradon Johnathan- Nov 19th 0r Nov 20th                           


  • Phyllis Proskiw (nee Wickman) – 65
  • Johnny Ockerman – 70
  • Dennis Heffernan – 50
  • Olive Nelson – 75


  • Ed and Ella Hillebrand -40th
  • Deannea and Gordon Fakeley – 35th

New Houses:    

Orin and Donna Ockerman


Krista Seward and Bryan Calliou – Jul 7th

Tommy Bayduza and Crystal______ - in August


  • Carl Fakeley with Bachelor of Arts
  • Margaret Bayduza with Bachelor of Education
  • Ryan Hammond from High School

Other Items:     

Margaret and Rod Cardinal moved into trailer in Glen Ockerman’s yard

The Christmas Party was held on Dec 5th

The cemetery fence was repaired.

New road was paved to Myshaniuk’s

A new chain link fence was put around the hall, work to stabilize Fern chapel started

Whist winners Olga Ockerman and Bruno Kummetz

Crib tournament was Jimmy Bodnar second was Charlie McNamee

Ed Hillebrand received $2000 again this year

Interesting Tidbits: 

Hottest January in a long time with more rain than snow

First snow Nov 21st  no blueberries or cranberries. Lots of saskatoons, pincherries, Chokecherries, and hazelnuts

Lots of bees nests, very little rain after first of July.