A missing boy

In July, 1942, Victor Kozak, an eleven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kozak, left his parents home to hunt for their horses. Being a heavily clouded evening when he started on the way home, he went in the opposite direction from where he should have gone. When the parents found him missing, a big search party was organized the next day. Many people along with three police officers and a tracking dog searched in the area for days. On the eleventh day, just when they were planning on giving up, Victor was found alive and well, sitting on a doorstep of a logger's shack about ten miles from his home. He evidently had used this as his headquarters the entire time he was lost. He sur­vived by eating berries and mushrooms and there was plenty of water near with which to quench his thirst when needed.

Members of the search party taking a lunch break.

The logger's shack where Victor was found.

Mike Holowaychuk (Jr.) was rewarded by Mr. Kozak for being lucky in finding his son.