1958 11 27

Spring Park News

At last winter has come in with snow and colder weather, no complaints, as we have had a lovely fall.

Regardless of the weather. there will be a dance at the Spring Park hall on Novem­ber 28th with good music on tap.

On November 22, Mr. and Mrs. John Holley celebrated their Silver Wedding anniver­sary by having open house to about 65 relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Shultz of Bruderheim (Mrs. Holley's sister) who were the bridesmaid and best man 25 years ago we­re among the guests. Carol and Barbara their two daughters of Edmonton were also pre­sent for the occasion while Do­ris, another daughter, was not present. A lovely lunch was served including turkey and trimmings. The evening was spent singing and taking pic­tures. Many lovely gifts were presented to the couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Law­rence and two sons, Kevin and Hardy, spent the week-end in Edmonton.

This is a little late but the ladies of the community would like to thank all our good men of the district for their help in dishwashing, Bingo, etc. at the Chicken Supper. The la­dies couldn't get along with­out the men helping. Many thanks  gents.

Mr. and Mrs. John Holley would like to take this oppor­tunity to thank all those who helped make their anniversary such a memorable occasion.