1953 11 30 St Paul Journal

Spring Park News

The Ladies of the Commuity held their December meeting at the home of Mrs. G. Hellquist with a very good attendance.

It was decided at this meeting to use the memorial fund to pur­chase a radio for the Elk Point Hospital. It was also planned to have the Christmas entertain­ment tree and treats on the evening of the 19th in the hall.

After the close of the meeting we had our Christmas gift pie, which caused plenty of excite­ment. Mrs. E. Scott had a very interesting contest. Mrs. A. Krep­ke was the winner.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stints are the proud parents of a lovely ba­by boy. born, November 24 and named Clifford Odonavan. Stults have also built an addition to their house.

Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Graves have their four grandchildren from Edmonton visiting with them. Mr and Mrs. Graves daughter and son- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Cam Bur­roughs are the proud parents of a lovely baby girl.

On November 21 we all a very enjoyable time at Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cinnamon's Wedding dance. The community had a shower for the "newlyweds" at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown. They received a lot of useful and love­ly gifts.

Mr. Morgan Darling is home until after  Christmas holidays. Morgan was employed all sum­mer with Gibbs' Construction Co. At the present time the firm is at Waterous, Sask. Morgan will go back with the same outfit in January.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Keller were in Edmonton for a few days to obtain information on Rural electrification.

We were all very disappointed last Friday. December 4th when the Blue Grass Orchestra failed to show up. The hall was filled and the patrons waited until af­ter 12.

We are having a dance on De­cember 18th with a good orchestra from Heinshurg to supply the mu­sic. Come back and have a good time on this occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. John Holley were I pleased to have their nephew from  the U.S.A., visit them.