by Marvin Bjornstad

Maps contribute a lot to our understanding of an area. In a small area like Ferguson Flats or Spring Park which was really only about one township the various maps can illustrate a lot. Most of the early ones are black and white (or our copy is) and they struggle to show the detail. They can increase our understanding.

Railway Plan Map 1914

Township Map with trails 1903

Residents of Ferguson Flats Prior to 1920

Residents of Ferguson Flats Prior to 1930 - 1950

Residents of Ferguson Flats 1950 - 1974

Early Primrose Map to 1920

Early Spring Park Map

Township 57 Range 5 Ferguson Flats Homesteads

Township 57 Range 6 Elk Point NE to Spring Park Homesteads

Township 58 Range 5 Spring Park North Homesteads

Township 58 Range 6 Moose Mountain Homesteads