Blacker Lewis

He came to the district as a young bachelor from Missouri in 1912. His homestead was the N.W. 24-57-5, where Johnnie Hillebrand lives today. The shack that Archibald had built on this quarter was still standing and Lewis lived in it for a while. Then he built a small shack of his own on the corner. At this time there was no school in the district and Mr. Ferguson and Sam McGee were anxious to have their school-age children get some schooling. They hired Lewis to teach their children and paid him from their own resources. The building that was used as a schoolhouse was on the corner of S.W. 2-58-5. It was later moved across the road and became part of the Ferguson store. The pupils were the Ferguson, McGee and Groves children, and Louie Gamier. Lewis broke only a few acres of land. During the first World War he joined the army and went overseas about 1915. He came back briefly after the war and then left for Saskat­chewan. After leaving here he was married and had two children. He was a brother to William Blacker and a nephew of Eldon's.

Ben French, Lewis Blacker, Tod McClain, Grover McClain